What Attracts Men To Women

The science of attraction between genders is seems complicated but it is not. It is simple in a sense that some are the traits that really attract a man to a woman. If we talk about girls they usually attract towards men easily. A man who is tall and handsome or is established financially they are more attracted towards him. But some men want to see her girl a perfect lady. Besides the curves and facial beauty they need some more. They try to find a lady who has traits which they want to see in her personality.


A Man’s Attraction towards a Lady:

According to some studies though it is important to have a face beauty but, along with the physical attractiveness having a good personality is also important. You can live with a girl who is not that much beautiful but you cannot live with a girl who lies and always quarrel.

In this article we will discuss what attracts men to women besides their physical attraction. You become more attractive to men you have to develop some traits in your personality. Let’s discuss some of these:

  1. Good personality:

The first trait a man wants to see in his woman is good personality. Personality is made of many things. One of them is confidence. A man likes a woman who is confidant. Who is secure and happy with what she is. She knows about her self esteem and how to protect it.

  1. Full Of Life:

A man likes a girl who is full of live, the girl who lives in the moments; she does not ruin her today for yesterday or fearing from the coming days. She is not the one who takes it to the heart what you say instead of worrying, she live the moment you are in.

  1. Active Listener:

One thing that can be said in the answer of the question that what attracts men to women is to be an active listener. Men do not want a girl who always interrupts before you finish. They never want a woman who is judgmental.

  1. Respectful:

A man likes a woman who gives her respect. If you want that a man should like you as you are then you must tell him honestly but in a respectable way. If you give him respect he would be better able to understand you.

  1. Caring:

Men like the women who are caring. Do special things for your man. Cook his favorite food. Do little things that make your man happy. While you are eating ask him what he needs more. When he is working ask him tea or coffee what would he like to have.

  1. Beauty:

If a man chooses you for your qualities then it does not mean that you should not take care of your beauty. It is the truth that beauty attracts everyone. So, when he comes home from office or work welcome him with smile and be ready. Try to wear nice clothes and enhance your beauty by doing natural make up.

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