To regain harmony in your life, you can offer yourself a life path bracelet that you will wear on you every day. This accessory is made to measure according to your preferences. It is adorned with different stones. It is a bracelet that combines lithotherapy and numerology. Check and learn more about natural stones’ jewellery.


The path of life bracelet is a jewel made of natural stones that consists of 8 semi-precious stones that have been selected from the 33 available. Salt, mercury and sulfur are not present. Sulphur can attract evil spirits as well as good ones. Mercury is a danger to the human body and salt is far too fragile.

The Path of Life bracelet is a jewel that can help you feel better. However, it cannot replace the advice of a doctor. Nor should it under any circumstances cause you to stop medical treatment ordered by a therapist. Indeed, know that reiki, sophrology, naturopathy or lithotherapy are examples of alternative medicine to regain well-being through movement, breathing or stones. They are not a substitute for general medicine.


In general, a small wrist is only 15 cm long. He will then wear a total of 19 stones on the path of life bracelet. The medium wrist is about 17 cm long. He will then wear 22 stones on his bracelet. If you have a larger wrist, you can have a bracelet with up to 25 stones and crystals. In case you decide to place stone separators, it is possible to adjust the number of stones to be placed. Note that a stone has a diameter of about 6 mm to 8 mm.

The designers of path of life bracelets usually work with natural stones. It is a jewel that is personal to you. Indeed, the stones that influence your mood will certainly not influence those of others.

It is important to understand that the calculations of the stones in the bracelet are also based on some information. You must then provide the first names you have had since birth, your date of birth, your father’s name and your mother’s maiden name.


A path of life bracelet has 8 types of stones including the base stone. This one represents your identity and your roots. The type of stone is different according to your expectations and your goals.

There is also the top stone which represents your spirituality. It directs you towards the path you aspire to follow and towards your ideal of life. You also have the life path stone that evokes the path you are taking between the two previous stones. It is a stone of intuition. The purpose of this stone is to help you overcome the obstacles you may encounter. It helps you to face your different fears.

Then you have the call stone, the representative of consciousness. It allows you to formulate your emotions and feelings. This stone allows you to evoke your buried fears and the wounds that have marked you. Thanks to it, the negative energies will be able to leave your being.

The personality stone for its part represents your intellect and mind. It aspires to wisdom and healing. This stone keeps your ego hidden. It is also a stone of intelligence. On the other hand, it represents duality.

The expression stone symbolizes communication and the way to connect with others. It is connected to the throat chakra. Thus, you can formulate ideas by wearing this mineral. The stone gives you the opportunity to find your place in society. This stone softens your relationship with others. To calculate this stone, you will have to add up the personality stone and the call stone.

The penultimate stone is the touchstone that represents lucidity. It will allow you to carry out introspection and will plunge into the subconscious mind. It is a stone that brings you two things, one is clairvoyance and the other is lucidity. If you want to make the right decision in your life, this stone will be your ally. The last stone of the life path bracelet is then the wish stone representing your personal aspirations. It enables you to reach your goals. This is the stone of love. To calculate it, add up the first vowels of your first and last names.


You can use this type of bracelet if you want to find an exclusive way to guide your life through the power of the stones. The bracelet works in your company and with your energy. The person who wears this bracelet will be guided in a spiritual and intuitive way throughout his or her life. It is important to study numerology in order to design the path of life bracelet. The surname, first names and identity of the wearer of the bracelet are taken into account in its design. In addition, the date of birth is also taken into account to establish the link with the planets and the cosmos.

You were assigned a mission when you were born. The path of life bracelet helps you to accomplish it. It is a spiritual bracelet that puts the energy of the stones at your service. Please note that the bracelets are purified and recharged before being given to you.

Some models of path of life bracelets with stones can be ordered for women who are looking to boost their fertility. Thus, the received bracelet can help the young woman to conceive faster provided that she does not have any particular problem. It is also possible to order a life path bracelet to deal with problems related to menstruation and fertility (polycystic ovaries, miscarriage, etc.).


All you have to do is put your bracelet on your wrist. Do not put it on your ankle, as it may not be effective. Keep your bracelet on you. You don’t need to take it off when you go to sleep or take a shower. Also, many people are thinking about combining bracelets they have worn. It is best not to wear more than 2 bracelets at a time. You can use this bracelet to find the right balance in your life. This will allow you to live more serenely.

When you receive your bracelet, you should also have a notice that explains the stones making up the bracelet and how they work.

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