Origins: USA, Madasgascar, Brazil, Germany, Czechoslovakia

Chakras involved: throat, heart, 3rd eye

Célestine promotes spiritual elevation and harmony of the soul. Meditation Stone: It makes us happy, radiant with good humor because it elevates our spirit. It brings ease in communication, allows us to express ourselves in a clear way, favourites mental activities by clarifying ideas (3rd eye). Very soothing, it accompanies people who are prey to inner conflicts, to the emotional imbalances of others.


Origins: Brazil, India, Russia, USA, Tibet

Chakras involved: heart, solar plexus

It rebalances the energy of the liver and gallbladder. Associated with pink quartz on the plexus, it reinforces self-control and defuses anger. It is useful against energetic vampirism. It also protects from environmental pollution; reduces radiation from mobile phones.


Origins: Brazil, USA, Madagascar, France

Chakras involved: all

It purifies, protects and intensifies the radiation of our aura. Allows the free flow of energy, realigns the different etheric bodies. Stimulates mental activity, promotes and activates concentration, memory, creativity. Defuses negativity, neutralizes undesirable vibrations. Amplifies the energy of a place and regulates its fluidity. Brings inspiration, promotes creative intuition, directs the mind.


Origins: Sri Lanka, Brazil, India, Czechoslovakia

Chakras involved: root, sacral, plexus

Garnet brings vigour and tone to the body (root chakra).

On the chakra of the plexus, it confers strength and courage (hypertensive and angry people will prefer a stone of appeasement).

Excellent stone to balance YIN and YANG (root plus heart chakra).

The garnet activates the sacred chakra, restores vigour to sexual energy.

It stimulates the energy of the spleen and liver.


Origin: Russia

Concerned Chakra: root

Shungite is an organic mineral, an extremely old planktonic deposit, dating back two billion years. Tsar Peter the Great (1672-1725) recommended shungite to his soldiers to combat dysentery. Bio-energy studies have shown a development:


Origins: India, Australia, Brazil, China, USA

Chakras involved: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart,

Gives strength and vitality to the physical body (strengthens the blood)

Soothes emotions, encourages inner wisdom and altruism

Stimulates the energy of the liver, spleen and gall bladder and strengthens the digestive system.

Purifies and clarifies our thoughts

Encourages creative decision making, strengthens intuition

It has a strong unleashing action.


Origins: Brazil

Chakras involved: All chakras

Its powerful vibration unlocks all energy centres and amplifies the action of the associated crystals.

Relieves anxiety, anxiety, relieves stress.

Helps strengthen the etheric body, effective ear shield associated with Lapis Lazuli

On the sacred chakra, it restores energy to the liver…

Ideal for telepathic work, facilitates the passage from the subconscious to the conscious, astral travel while remaining connected (associated with an anchor stone on root chakra).

Improves negative thinking patterns


Origins: Madagascar

Chakras involved: heart, solar plexus, and root

Strongly soothes the energies of the heart chakra, it balances strong emotions, restores enthusiasm and optimism.

Brings dynamism, strength and courage during difficult times (fatigue, grief, nervousness).

Gives energy to the organs connected to the root chakra

Calming action on the solar plexus (nervousness, anger, irritation)

It is particularly suitable for people who tend to get “bile”.


Origins: Russia, USA, Madagascar, Brazil, Burma, Sri Lanka, East Africa

Affected Chakras: root

Centers and roots the organism (root chakra).

Re-aligns the spine (channels the telluric energy and therefore helps to stand upright).

Brings a feeling of security, gives a sense of concreteness in our daily life.

Recharges energy, balances the Yin Yang energy.

Ally of plants, it reinforces their natural defence potential.

Also it neutralizes the harmfulness of geo-pathogenic points: Hartmann nodes, underground river crossings, Cosmo-telluric chimney (associated with pink quartz on the area to be neutralized.

It is a protective stone par excellence, it diverts negative energies of electromagnetic origin: TV, computers, mobile phones, electric meters Purifies and balances all the chakras, forms a protective shield around the body.


Stimulates the body’s energy, soothes bilious temperaments Ideal for relieving eye fatigue and congested sinuses Relieves heartache, emotional shocks (heart chakra).


Purifying and powerful action on the physical and emotional body Highly protective crystal (destroys negativity), brings a healing and beneficial aura.


Stone of “letting go”, it promotes peaceful sleep Used to relieve ENT problems, thyroid glands.

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