Stones and pearls are more than just ornaments. They are objects of great beauty that appeal to both men and women. Gems remain the most coveted products because of their perfections. Find out more about these items below.


Gems consist of a natural stone of very high quality. They are generally used as ornaments in jewellery. Some manufacturers work gems in order to obtain pearls for earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces. These are resistant to wear, handling and time. The market offers a large number of gem pearls.

As a high-end gemstone bead, each gem is unique. Moreover, garnet is a gemstone pearl considered, by the Amerindian tribes, as a sacred stone. It is the symbol of prosperity and fidelity. This kind of articles is adorned with warm hues, ranging from light red to black. Rhodochrosite can be found on several continents, including America and Europe. This stone was discovered in the 13th century in Argentina. It reveals a pink hue embellished with brown or yellow.

Tourmaline is one of the most popular gemstones in the world. The people of ancient Egypt long believed that these pearls were the product of rainbows. Indeed, they sparkle in a multitude of colours. These types of stones are opaque, translucent, and in some cases even transparent. In lithotherapy (the art of healing oneself with stones), tourmaline protects against bad waves. To take advantage of the aestheticism and the benefits of these different products, simply purchase gems online.


It is very easy to locate a gemstone gem, because today, the market enjoys great prosperity. Jewellery shops as well as jewellers offer a wide range of products. You can find quartz gems, labradorites, amazonites, rock crystals, etc. It is possible to purchase gems from jewellery designers. The latter visit the precious pearl shops to find pearls to decorate their creations.

The Internet offers a wide range of sites selling precious pearls and gem-quality stones. You can opt for an Azurite Chrysocolle, Rosary chains, Amethyst and any other gemstone at low prices. Simply compare the price of each item on the web.

However, be vigilant, as there are interfaces that sell poor quality products. Professionals stand out for their ability to cut products in several ways in order to obtain round or polygonal beads. Some experts limit retouching in order to obtain a rougher, more natural shape. You can also find gem pearls mounted on vermeil chains, pendants, pebble pearls or chip pearls.


The gem pearls are round, bright and without any defects. Nevertheless, the distinction between these stones and other products can be complex without knowledge or experience. Before finalizing your purchase, study the size and brilliance of the product. The size is variable depending on the type. A freshwater pearl can measure between 3 to 7 mm, while Akoya pearls are 6 to 8.5 mm. The quality of the product is judged by its level of brilliance.

Weight is an essential factor in the selection of a stone. In this case, the value is expressed in carats. The larger the carat is, the rarer the pearl, and the more significant the cost. The state of the market also has an impact on its price. Moreover, it is much easier to find 1 carat stones than 10 carat stones.

Before validating your choice, inspect the various treatments carried out on the item. Indeed, a pearl of optimal quality does not require any work because of its perfection. A touch-up is required if the professional discovers some defects. For aesthetic reasons, the expert carries out a heat treatment, a filling treatment, a diffusion treatment or an irradiation of the stone.

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