Tiger's eye covers a decisive place in lithotherapy. Use the virtues of the stones to treat the mind and body. As a natural stone, lithotherapy relies on their physical and chemical properties. It is preferable to mount it in jewels with their specific brightness, their unique color and especially the strength of the feline would be an asset. The virtue of the stones, the tiger's eye specializes by an immediate effect in lithotherapy and appears as an excellent armor to protect itself by the effects of negative waves.


Tiger's eye belongs to a variety of microcrystalline quartz with a fibrous structure partially substituted by silica. It has a hardness of seven on the Mons scale with a density that diversifies between 2.64 and 2.71. Its shimmering colour ("cat's eye" effect) can be illustrated in different ways: from blue-grey to yellow-brown and red-brown. The formation comes with an asbestos mineral alteration called crocidolite. Tiger's eye belongs to the slightly translucent and opaque gemstone varieties. Its chemical composition includes Silicon Dioxide or SiO2. With a rare deposit, it comes in some countries: from the extreme south of the African continent and in desert countries; it can also be found in other locations such as Namibia, the western United States, California, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, China, Burma, India and Sri Lanka. It forms in alkaline granites and associated pegmatites. A shimmering lustre appears from the original fibrous structure. Tiger's eye belongs to the precious variety of natural stones among jewellery items such as bracelets and necklaces of high aesthetic quality or in the form of decorative objects, in a rough or polished state; it generates positive energies. The Romans used it in battle as a talisman of protection and a figure of strength and courage, the people of Mesopotamia also used it as an amulet to ward off evil, witches and other evil spirits.


Like all other stones, tiger's eye can carry health and well-being. But for those who have beneficial problems: the nervous system, knee, joint, rheumatism, osteoarthritis ... We can also see that it facilitates digestion, fights against diarrhea and colic, soothes hemorrhoids, reduces asthma attacks, reduces bone fractures. It promotes the alignment of the spine, accelerates the repair and regeneration of tissues, reduces snoring problems, activates the digestive functions ... On the visual level, the tiger's eye ensures a spectacular effect: supporting the adrenal glands can be observed several times. It attracts benevolent people, brings the common inner serenity in a constructive way of the decisions to be taken. It provides clarity of mind by promoting precise examination and memorization of complex and detailed knowledge. Its special day is Sunday.


In lithotherapy, tiger's eye is defined as a stone to protect itself from evil. It belongs to the properties of the stones which hold several virtues for a long time. With the presence of the feline, it keeps an unsurpassed support. The eye of tiger reflects the spells; it sends back the wickedness to the authors as the mirrors. It puts him face to face with these responsibilities and continues to test his evilness. Its effectiveness is reinforced in the form of a talisman pendant. It acts firmly and preserves its content to the bad waves: it is thus the properties which one gives to the eye of tiger in delithotherapy. This so exclusive quartz will be able to provide you with a serene and flexible spirit. It gives each stone the characteristics attributed to it. Indeed, it plays a role susceptible to slander, cruelty and jealousy. Stones with the same absorption effect also exist, such as black tourmaline with an accentuated incrustation, or labradorite with a partial efficiency. Its virtue is defined by its protection against vampires and other nocturnal creatures.


To retain all its benefits and energy, it is important to cleanse your tiger eye regularly. Like all quartz and natural stones, it is a question of immersing it for several hours in water to purify it energetically. To do this, fill a glass or salt water container and place your stone in it for a minimum of three hours. The natural stone jewel absorbs the negative interactions of others to the one who loses a lot of the positive waves. Immerse the jewel mounted by a tiger's eye in salt water. Exposing it to the natural sunlight or to the moonlight, recharging takes its advantage, especially in bright light. A specific case compared to other stones: it supports all methods of purification, salt, water... Be careful, it is very sensitive to acids and heat too high.


In order to use natural stones: tiger's eye, one has to know first of all the basic principles, the necessary peculiarities such as the following astrological signs: capricorn, virgin, lion and gemini. Its associated day of the week is Sunday, its appropriate planet being the sun. As for the virtue of the stones, it is recommended to wear the beginning of the week in meditation. This natural stone is indispensable if you are tanning on the sun. As a natural stone, it enhances intuition and logical thinking. You should place it on the side of the front door of your house to prevent evil spells from reaching it. Free-cut natural stone jewelry is essential in the bedroom, where you want to preserve, such as the bedroom, living room and dining room. Its use can be confined to the standards of Feng Shui in an indoor environment. The tiger's eye should be placed north of the entrance: this has an effect on the protection of your home. Lithotherapy advises in relation to the rules of virtue of the stones to put a small piece in the part of your car, in the luggage of your motorcycle, somewhere on your bicycle, in your pocket. Its reaction depends on the way you put it: natural stone jewelry, bracelets, earrings, and rings like all natural stone jewelry it is extremely effective. Thus, the tiger's eye has its peculiarities of different properties of natural stones that compete with it. The benefits brought by its irreproachable virtue will be its asset. It is a unique stone, which must be taken care of by an individual maintenance and durable recharging, to take advantage of its capacity during its use. Given in some cases, its virtue depends on its owner, while most wear it as a simple costume jewel. On the other hand, if it is by virtue or by pleasure that one possesses it, the important thing is to know how to appreciate it. According to all that is said, it is a specific and individual natural stone that takes care of those who enhance it.

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