Virtues of natural stones

Oil and crystal elixirs

Intervening on the causes of dysfunctions lodged in different areas of our body, allows the prevention of all kinds of harmful and unpleasant disturbances. The energetic meeting of the crystal elixirs with our cells makes them indispensable allies to Harmonize-Revitalize…

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Offering a personalised jewellery as an original gift

During the whole year, there is no lack of holidays and when there is a holiday, it is also a gift. Every tradition wants you to give gifts to the people who are devoted to you because it is a…

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Amethyst: a natural stone full of virtues!

Humanity has long been aware of the existence of amethyst; it is commonly used as an element in the manufacture of jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, pendants or rings. It is a purple mineral, in several tones ranging from pale…

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Bracelets from Tibet: choose a model with 7 chakras

The bracelet of the 7 chakras is a jewel that is increasingly popular with many people. It certainly has a very appreciable aesthetic aspect. But the interest in adopting it goes far beyond the aesthetic detail and integrates spiritual considerations…

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Buy Tibetan jewellery: finding an online provider

Jewellery is a key accessory to enhance the charm and look of everyday life and especially at parties and events. To get out of the beaten track and at the same time ensure the excellence and authenticity of his look,…

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