Oil and crystal elixirs

Intervening on the causes of dysfunctions lodged in different areas of our body, allows the prevention of all kinds of harmful and unpleasant disturbances. The energetic meeting of the crystal elixirs with our cells makes them indispensable allies to Harmonize-Revitalize and Protect our organism. Crystal elixirs are vibratory substances that act as catalysts for physical and mental well-being. Due to their broad spectrum of influence, crystal elixirs are a "holistic therapy" whose action affects the different energy bodies: aura, chakras, meridians... as well as our psycho-emotional state. They are cellular re-generators which act by radiation of waves, by resonance effect.
  • Action on the physical: The elixirs reinforce the energy of the physical body. They act at the roots of the evil and evacuate it in an energetic form.
  • Action on the emotional sphere: A negative state of thought creates in us an energetic dysfunction that the message of the elixir comes to restore by acting on our psyche.


Crystal Oils are agents of balance and harmonization for the chakras and meridians. They act in a holistic way on the physical and psychological level. Applied directly to the skin or to specific energy points (chakras, meridians), crystal oils transmit their properties on contact with the epidermis by enzymatic reactions. The skin's enzymes react on contact with the minerals (diffusion of infinitesimal doses of the minerals: copper, silicon, iron, calcium, fluorine, etc.) contained in the crystal oils. The skin is an effective natural carrier of the active ingredients contained in the crystal oils. Through massage, it also receives emotional "nourishment". Involved in the balance of thermal, hydric, respiratory, nutritive and affective exchanges, the skin thus contributes to the good immune balance. The oils are made during precise lunar phases to optimize each oil. In February 2008, they obtained the Ecocert "Organic and Ecological Cosmetics" certification.
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