Bracelets from Tibet: choose a model with 7 chakras

The bracelet of the 7 chakras is a jewel that is increasingly popular with many people. It certainly has a very appreciable aesthetic aspect. But the interest in adopting it goes far beyond the aesthetic detail and integrates spiritual considerations related to the natural stone beads that compose it. It is a bracelet that has a special effect on the body. The 7 chakras bracelet is made up of all the different stones, even if variants with only one type of stone exist.

The chakra bracelet: for what purpose?

It is commonly accepted that these bracelets have an aesthetic side that seduces more than one. They come in different versions, depending on the type of chakra, with semi-precious stones. The 7 chakra variants are those made up of a set of different stones. These bracelets are also made of lava stones, accompanying the 7 chakra stone beads. This type of bracelet has the particularity of helping its user to find well-being and appeasement. The chakras are in fact part of the active energy system of the physical body. The representation of the chakras is similar to lotus flowers that can be imagined opening on inhalation and closing on exhalation. They are energy elements in harmony with multiple regions of the human body, which is composed of 7 main chakras running from the bottom to the top.

The characteristics of this type of bracelet

7 different stones make up the bracelet of the 7 chakras, in order to harmonize the energetic creation of the body and spirit in the balance of the human chakras. Being a wearer of a bracelet of the chakra-oriented type can be of great help in the work of synchronizing the energies of daily life. Owning and wearing this Buddhist jewel has the advantage of allowing you to benefit from the vibratory energies of the minerals, as well as their lithotherapy virtues. Le 7 chakras bracelet made of real stones has its own characteristics. It is an item in the category of accessory jewellery. It is characterized by its handmade design and by its size from 18 to 23 cm. As for the materials, we note of course the 7 chakras stones and the lava stone. In terms of adjustment, it offers an elastic cord that can be adjusted at the wrist for more comfort. The chakra bracelet has no closing system.

Understanding the chakra stones

The first chakra making up the bracelet of the 7 chakras is known as the "root" or "Muladhara". It is the symbol of the lower spine. Its stones are red in colour and their purpose is to connect to the earth, to take root and grow by drawing its resources from mother earth. Above the navel is the identity chakra known as the "sacred" or Svadhishana. It is the symbol of "self" and is characterized by an amber hue. It allows the user to leave his or her mark on the creations he or she makes. Its stones are synonymous with emotions, desires, vitality and sexuality. The third chakra is the "solar" and has a brown hue. It materializes the warrior and is the expression of self-esteem. The stones here have the gift of strengthening personal power and willpower. It is also known as Manipura and there is a chakra dedicated to the heart. It is the fourth chakra where love, compassion and wisdom are housed. Of course, it is located at the heart level, and is materialized by green stones, also an expression of healing. The sixth chakra is the "third eye" chakra and is called Ajna, which means beyond wisdom. It is located in the pineal gland in the brain. It is the basis of sleep and dreams. The stones in this case are of lapis colour, and will not make the user sleep. The last chakra is the crown chakra, also known as Sahasrana (one thousand petals), which represents the energy of human consciousness. It is a very wide chakra, located at the base of the human skull. It is characterized by its violet and/or white stones, violet being a mixture of red and blue. This chakra allows the connection of the inner world with the world that surrounds the human being. It alone symbolizes fusion and understanding into an advanced awareness of the human place in the universe.

The advantages of the 7 chakra bracelet

To benefit from the advantages of the 7 chakras bracelet made of real stones, it is already important to be able to locate these chakras and identify the pain associated with their activities. The imbalance of the chakras can have a negative impact on the daily life of the user. However, it is important to act when physical disorders are observed at the level of energy points representing chakras in particular. It is essential to detect the causes of an ailment in order to treat it properly. The bracelet integrating the 7 chakras has above all the advantage of reassuring the person wearing it. With a jewel with integrated chakras, there is little chance of making a mistake. In addition, it diffuses daily energies that promote an obvious improvement in the moods of people who wear it. The wearer, by focusing on the 7 main chakras, with the help of the stones, attracts towards him a certain clarity and open-mindedness, not only in relation to his person, but also to the world around him.

The functions of the seven chakra bracelet

The function of this bracelet is to purify the user from negative energies. The stones which compose it are indeed stones of protection and purity; lucky stones. The bracelet is designed for both men and women. Its colours are those of the rainbow, 7 in number, ranging from purple to red. It works like the rainbow, so that when these different colours are brought together, they form a single white colour. The balance of the 7 chakras is synonymous with perfect harmony and fusion, and the stones are also a source of confidence and self-esteem, especially when it comes to solar pearls. This bracelet with 7 chakras acts as a barometer and brings stability to the emotions of the wearer. In fact, it gives off an aura that protects the wearer, who has every interest in having it on his wrist or ankle on a daily basis. This bracelet is a wise choice for anyone who aspires to emotional and spiritual balance. It is the ideal means to achieve total elevation and spiritual mastery of the world.
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