Amethyst: a natural stone full of virtues!

Humanity has long been aware of the existence of amethyst; it is commonly used as an element in the manufacture of jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, pendants or rings. It is a purple mineral, in several tones ranging from pale to intense. The first mention of amethyst appeared in the Ancient East, then in Medieval Europe. The ancient Egyptians believed that the stone had magical properties. The Romans used amethysts to make decorative objects, and used geodes or druze. Ancient Greeks believed that stones protected people from drunkenness. In literal translation, amethyst means "not drunk". Amethyst is a quartz, it can contain mixtures of iron, cobalt or manganese (they also affect the colour). The natural shape of the crystals, not worked by jewellers, is more or less elongated. In the world of gemstones and fine stones, transparent to semi-transparent specimens are more valuable. It is known all over the world as a dark purple coloured stone. However, there are several varieties: green and pink. In China, from minerals, dishes and small bowls have been prepared. They were used as containers for aromatic oils. In Russia, amethyst was also an honourable stone, priests used it. It belonged to the nobility and the sacred people. Specialists in lithotherapy praise the curative properties of amethyst, and grant virtues to fight against the following symptoms:
  • Skin problems.
  • Vision problems.
It is believed that if you wear objects with amethysts for a long period of time, you can quickly eliminate muscle fatigue, increase immunity, protect yourself against infectious diseases. It is believed that the constant presence of amethyst around the neck as a pendant, helps to get rid of alcohol dependency, develops willpower. Modern-day magicians and mediums use amethyst to open the chakras, the "third eye". A purple-coloured stone is supposed to protect from excess anger. For women, an amethyst ring should be worn on the left hand and men on the right hand. Pink amethyst is used in relationships. It is considered a protector of feelings of love, tenderness and devotion. Most often, jewellery of this colour is chosen to make a gift to the loved one. Provided that the stone is allied with gold, it has the powerful power to attract wealth, it contributes to commercial success, to personal life. It is believed that silver jewellery with amethyst has a beneficial effect on conception and pregnancy. For many years, women who wished to have children chose jewelry with this stone because of its ability to bring much needed happiness to the home. Another characteristic of this mineral is that it honours the owner and regenerates his energy during the night. The stone is a symbol of peace and blessing. Its features are noticed by the Church. Jewelry with amethyst can transform a person's inner world, helping to direct the mind towards pragmatism. The natural colour of amethysts consists of four colours, but their saturation varies, almost reaching transparency. The most common is the mineral purple. The purity of this shade is the main reason for its importance in the jewelry industry. Mineralogists explain that amethysts are purple because they contain iron. A characteristic of natural stone is that it can become less saturated when heated or simply exposed to the sun. After cooling, the original colour may return to a small extent. Specialists can change the colour of this semi-precious stone, and these methods are widely used in specialised laboratories. An experienced jeweller must be able to recognize a treated piece. The price of the stone can be increased after these aesthetic treatment operations. Although the technology allows the production of minerals, the physical characteristics of an artificial stone will be less than a natural stone. Artificial amethyst differs in colour depth, durability and hardness, which will be lower. A high temperature changes its colour. If the stone is natural, after heating, the intensity of its colour will decrease uniformly. Artificial amethyst loses some of its colour. Let's cut out the amethyst as the symbol of a zodiac sign, for whom is it suitable and for whom is it not suitable? A correctly chosen stone for each zodiac sign will be able to reveal its potential with its energy and create protection. Almost anyone can wear an amethyst. This will have a particular impact on Aries and Aquarius. It will help to regulate their unbridled energy, to direct it in the right direction. Products containing this mineral give this sign of caution, restraint and teach prudence. With creative energy it will be easier to implement even the most unusual ideas. It is a joyful mineral for people born on or before May 1. It will help prevent melancholy attacks and activate the mind. It will be very beneficial for women whose activities are related to running a business. Amethyst will relieve insomnia, reduce general nervousness. Thanks to its pure energy, it will promote harmony in her married life. For women, it will become a source of inspiration, revealing all her skills. For those born before July 1st, amethyst will become a talisman that makes life harmonious and peaceful. It gives the owner a positive effect on his health: normalizes digestion, kidney function, increases immunity. It will encourage the creation of friendly relationships with relatives or colleagues. It will help you to organize your personal life. Amethyst will help to gather your vitality at the most necessary time, to overcome difficulties or problems in life. To stimulate your energy, you should buy a pendant and wear it on a small chain. For Libra, the stone will become a source of intuition, it will contribute to the multifaceted development of the personality. The natives of this sign will orient themselves towards a jewel made of amethyst and silver. The scorpions must choose the amethyst precisely, it is a talisman and a very dedicated amulet. It will allow happiness and prosperity to the owner. The energy of the stone will only reinforce the innate honesty of this sign. Increases the owner's peace of mind. Silver jewellery with amethyst will help to fill your life with harmony and understanding. This stone will purify the spiritual life of the negative. It is even thought to have a rejuvenating effect: it brightens the skin of the face, helps to smooth out wrinkles. Wear small rolled amethyst stones in your pockets. Amethyst is a happy amulet for all Aquarians. Such a product strengthens the sense of intuition. The fish also fully feel the strength of the mineral, its ability to attract success in the life of its owner. In difficult situations or breaks in your personal life will help you to cope and calm your nerves. Decorating your interior with amethyst gives wisdom and develops intuition, gives confidence. Do not forget the specificity of the stone to lose the intensity of color after exposure to the sun. Therefore, products that are not worn, they should be stored in a closed jewelry box.
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