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You have certainly already heard of the chrysocolla and its virtues. It is blue-green, blue or green and is one of the most used minerals in lithotherapy because of the feeling of well-being it brings. Discover in this article the different properties of chrysocolla in lithotherapy.


Lithotherapy is a method aiming to treat ailments with natural stones. It is essentially based on the vibratory frequencies of the different crystals that are used for a cure. Indeed, according to this practice, the characteristics of the crystals have an important influence on the physical and psychic state of man. Each mineral is characterized by its own properties. Visit for more about natural stones’ virtues. Thus, the choice of the mineral to be worn depends largely on the effects that the person is looking for. Some natural stones, for example, have a protective power; others have the power to soothe the wearer’s mind. Therefore, having a stone in one’s possession will allow an individual to enjoy the benefits of the stone in question. However, the minerals used in lithotherapy require regular maintenance to ensure the effectiveness of the powers they release. This maintenance is mainly based on the purification and recharging of the natural stone. The frequency of maintenance varies from one stone to another, so to maintain it in time, it is essential to consult a specialist. Finally, natural stones are most often available in the form of jewellery in order to facilitate and optimise the effects. This means that in addition to being part of the cure, natural stone jewellery will also help you to stay on top of the trend. For more information, click on


The chrysocolla stone is very well known for its benefits at the level of an individual’s mind. Indeed, the Chrysocolla is commonly known to be the stone of appeasement and tranquility. In some countries, for example, the Chrysocolla Stone represents the reunion of souls. It is therefore perfect to keep its wearer away from anxiety and depression while fostering an environment of gentleness, forgiveness and compassion. In lithotherapy, the Chrysocolla is also associated with patience and love. Thus, it helps its user to channel mood swings and thus strengthen emotional ties with those around him. The Chrysocolle also has the function of accompanying people in their daily life by making them more serene and removing any form of mistrust. It is therefore perfect for people who are unable to keep their composure in difficult situations. Finally, this stone is also used to absorb the negative energies present in the life of its wearer. In short, the Chrysocolle is perfect for people who are looking for a quiet, wiser and more creative life.


Did you know that the Chrysocolla Stone has the virtue of helping you to cure some ailments. In general, it acts on throat infections such as bronchitis, but it also acts on lung diseases, back problems and stomach diseases. But that’s not all, it works deeper in the body and regulates blood pressure, promotes insulin secretion and much more. Especially for women, Chrysocolla is known for its contribution in regulating hormonal cycles and helping the development of the fetus. It is also worn during childbirth to reduce the pain felt during delivery. For South American Indians, this stone is a symbol of fertility.  Finally, the Chrysocolla reinforces the physical capacities of its wearer and makes him/her more resistant to different infections and to the different attacks he/she may suffer.

The use of natural stones jewellery in lithotherapy

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